José Francisco Gómez González
Telephone: +34 92231 8645 / 8240

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Position: Professor of La Universidad de La Laguna
Department:  Industrial Engineering
Branch: Electrical Engineering
Dedication: Full time
Research: Bio-engineering and Computational Neuroscience


My interest is to understand a little more how the brain works, for that reason, I am studying biophysical properties, electrical signals and its processing in neurons. Then, different tools are used to achieve these targets.
In my background, I have experience designed and developed techniques to study biological phenomena (action potential, calcium signal, etc.) using electrophysiological methods (current clamp, voltage clamp, capacitance measurements in isolated cells and dynamic clamp) and image techniques (epifluorescence and two-photon excited fluorescence laser-scanning microscopy). In addition, mathematical modeling is used to study the electrical  and biophysical properties of neurons in the brain.

Keywords: bio-engineering; bio-physic; computational neuroscience; signal process.

Univ. of La Laguna
Dept. of Industrial Engineering
Avda. Astrofísico Fco. Sánchez s/n
38205, La Laguna, S.C. de Tenerife,
Canary Islands, SPAIN
phone: +34 922318645/8240



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