José Francisco Gómez González
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Reseach objective

My interest is to understand a little more how the brain works, for that reason, I am studying biophysical properties, electrical signals and its processing in neurons. Then, different tools are used to achieve these targets.


- Bioengineering and Biophysics: to measure the biological phenomena using electrophyisiological skills ("current clamp", "voltage clamp", capacitance measurement and "dynamic clamp") and fluorescence imaging (epifluorescencia, confocal of a photon and two photons imaging).

- Computational neuroscience: Multicompartmental modeling to study of the biophysical properties and information integration in neurons.



- with PhD
. Yiota Poirazi, researcher from the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB) of the FORTH in Greece, developing mathematical models to study of the processes of integration in CA1 neurons from the hippocampus in the learning and memory processes.


- and with PhD. Alain Destexhe and PhD. Thierry Bal, researcheres from the Computational and Integrative Neuroscience Unit (UNIC) of the CNRS in France, developing and applying new protocols to study the properties of the electrical circuits in the brain, in particular in the visual cortex, using “ Dynamic Clamp “.






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Download Software

BlueMUSCLE 1 (beta version). Software to simulate the excitement - contraction phenomenon of muscular skeletal fiber of mammalian. This software allows to simulate the diffusion of the calcium from the sarcoplasmatic reticulum along the muscular fiber and the spread of the Action Potential along the T tubules.